Sadly, I have not turned on the torch since my most excellent class with Corina Tettinger.  But I was determined yesterday afternoon to not fritter away the 2ish hours I had to myself at home.  We are not quite willing to let the new puppy run free, so I had both our pups in the studio as well, and realized that it wasn't the best idea with bits of hot glass flying, but eventually they curled up for a nap and onto the torch I went.

I made some multilayer twisties, played with those a bit, made some stringers, and then played with dots.  The reaction between the cream colored glass and other colors (the thin black outline) I love, so I think I will play with that some more next time.

The one on the left is made with frit that is not that dark at all - must be all the reaction with the cream.  The lines on the right were made with stringers I made with the mixed glob of glass left over from making twisties.  Another thing I want to play with :-)

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