A couple weeks ago we got to take an epic trip to Germany and France.  I was looking up something before we left, completely not related to beads, and came across a blog post on a BEAD DISTRICT in Paris.  Well that definitely went on my list!

The first place we tracked down was Maison de Perles et de Fanfreluches.  It was spectacular, and so fun to paw through.  I tried to stick to treasures that were different from what I already had or had seen in the US (this is but a small sample :-)).  

Since it was near my birthday, Greg and the kids picked out some great glass focals when I wasn't looking :-)

We decided to try and find another shop, and once we got the right street and number we convinced ourselves that it must have gone out of business.  Then we walked literally 3 feet further down the street and there it was: Matiere Premiere.  I picked up two grab bags - don't you love the frosted glass elephants in the second bag?

The shop had tons of charms and metal pieces, so I picked up a couple of favs.  I HAD to get mini Eiffel Towers while bead shopping in Paris, right?

Now that we're home, these new fun beads have been inspiring me.  I took the rose gold mesh beads (in the dead center of the first picture) and added cobalt blue disk beads that I made myself.  I have been wearing a lot of blue lately, and I love how the mesh beads and chain make this bold but not too (if you know what I mean :-)).


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