I am a big believer in signs - little nudges from the universe that are telling me something, or maybe just confirming my thoughts.  Last night I sent Michael in search of our extra chair because my Mom,  her main squeeze Don, and my nieces were all joining us for dinner.  Then uh-oh happened.

I got this mirror from a friend at her garage sale.  It once hung in Emma's room, but now it's used as part of my display at craft fairs.  It's super heavy and I had it leaning against a shelf, so when the shelf got jiggled in Michael's search for the chair it fell over and shattered.  Considering the number of times this was squeezed into my car and carried back and forth to a booth, it's odd that one small tip resulted in its demise.  Normally a broken mirror is considered bad luck, and since the title of this post is "blissful" I bet you are wondering how this relates.  So let's see if you can follow...

I love making things, crafty things, and love playing with glass and making jewelry.  2014 has had some great highs - getting published and attending the International Society of Glass Bead Makers annual conference - and some lows - having beads returned because they weren't good quality (as they should have been) and some dud sales at craft fairs.  It's time to regroup, and the cracked mirror, to me, confirms that to be true.  

Why does this make me blissful?  Because I am extraordinary blessed to create because I want to - not because my livelihood depends on it.  Creating makes me happy and I love when something I've made makes someone else happy.  I should create because of the joy of it and not because it's work.  

I should create because of the joy of it and not because it's work.

That's sounds like a good way to be blissful :-)

Here is where to find other blissful moments: 


  1. I know what you mean! Excited to see where this takes you

  2. We'll have to see where the road takes you!

  3. I hate to use the word "Hate" - but, I hate doing craft fairs! I am down to only one a year, and only because it is a fundraiser for such a good cause. I totally believe in omen's - how sad though that you had to deal with that cracked mirror! Bravo to you for having such a positive attitude! I find that my "creations" turn out much better when there is no pressure, too.


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