Like many crafty artistic types, I am ever hopeful that what I make will find an audience (other than those who are related to me :-)), so I am always tweaking my display.  I made a ton of small pendants with my own lamp work beads and other bits and pieces, and I wanted a better way to display them.  I blogged about where I was headed here, and below is the final result.

It's not 100% perfect (some clamps were required to keep it stable) but I like the result.  However this particular show, usually by far my most successful, was a total dud this year.  I didn't even crack triple digits.  Part of the problem was that I did no self promotion whatsoever, and part of it was that this year the crowds' average age was 70ish.  Not really the type to be into boho-ish art beads.  The competitive part of me wants this to be successful, but the realistic part of me knows that the most important thing - my family - takes priority over all else.  And I need to practice my craft more, and really, it needs to just be fun, not a job.  It's okay (I am telling myself) to take a break when I am not feeling it, and pour every extra minute into it when I am feeling it.  What does this have to do with being hope(ful) you are wondering?  Because my partner in crime lately at craft fairs is this guy:

He set up his rainbow loom next to my table and completely outsold me.  He will wave down even the oldest sweet grandmother and charm her into buying a charm or a bracelet for a grandchild.  He helped me set up and tear down, he scouted the other vendors, brought us lunch (this craft fair always has the best BBQ sandwiches - yum)  and did some Christmas shopping for his sister.  His boundless energy and enthusiasm and hope are a constant light in my life.  

See more hope here:


  1. What a great partner in crime!

    I do really like the look of your displays though.

  2. Oh what a star he is! I'm so glad he had a great day - may he shine ever brighter with each new creation :) x

  3. My 80 + year old mother once helped me at a craft sale... she kept dragging her friends in.. I think your partner in crime would have been much more use.. I've give up on sales but keep wondering if I shouldn't try again ... but I'd have to start the booth over from scratch.. too much work!

  4. I too am hopeful! Next week I will be at a sale where I did Terrible last year....but this year will be different. The organizers promise a much better set-up. I hope! Hope you had a nice day with your son and the grannies!


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