The first "chapter" can be found here.

"Ms Andrews?"  It took her a couple seconds to realize that the cop (or at least she was assuming he was a cop) was talking to her.
"You're in Richmond, Virginia"
"Yes, Ma'am.  Do you know how you got here?"
"I am afraid not."
"Are you hurt?" She walked a couple steps and gave it a good thought.
"I don't think so."
"But you think your name is Delores Simpson and that it is October 6th, 2014"
"Um..." She could tell that the cop was starting to give her that look - the look you give someone who has either lost their marbles or had spent too much time at happy hour. She she admit it? Admit her complete and utter panic, and fear that she had become delusional?  Whether she was Delores or Susan is something she would really rather figure out on her own.
"Can I have my bag back? I think I fainted or something, and hadn't quite come to when you were asking me all of those questions.  I am an author (she made up a plausible story as fast as possible), and I write mysteries, so the names and details of characters are always on my mind and pop out when I least expect them to. Can I have my bag back?"
The cop had a nice looking bag in his hands, although a little different from what she (Delores? Susan?) would normally carry.  It was pretty.  Turquoise with a rich orange interior. He handed her the bag, and also his card.
"Please call me if you remember anything about what or who caused you to faint."
"Okay," she said and smiled.  Then with a big sigh she turned away and walked down the street.  It took all her effort to not turn around and look to see if the cop was watching.  She desperately wanted to be out of view, as quickly as possible. Finally, a coffee shop appeared on her right - a non-chain local place that had plenty of empty seats.  She turned in, and as the door shut behind her and her eyes adjusted to the dark interior, an unfamiliar voice said, "Susan, I am so glad you are here!  I've been waiting forever for you - where have you been?"
She stared into the face of a charming older lady, who was very smartly dressed.  "Hi" she said, having no idea who speaker was, and with no other choice, gingerly sank down in the chair next to her.  "Why don't you go order us two of the usual." this new stranger said.

Well, hell.

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