Forever ago I received this necklace, which belongs to a friend of mine, with a request to remake it.  As often happens, a project can stay on my workbench for ages, occasionally forgotten, usually buried under something else, until inspiration strikes.  Today was one of those days. Isn't this glass focal incredible?  De-lish!  The crystals match it perfectly, but it makes it super sparkly (and my friend is more REI and adventure sports :-))  Also it's not a very long necklace - I can hardly get the clasp closed when I try it on. 

I had an idea of what I wanted, and was thinking of multiple strands of Irish waxed linen, but trying to figure out the right colors through the computer screen wasn't working out for me.  The other day on a trip to Michael's I came across a trio of "suede" colors sold together, and I knew that at least two of the three were close to the colors I wanted.  And once I had the right stringing material it all came together nicely.

I am undecided on the crystals though - should the jump rings float between the knots...

...or should they be looped through the knots? (I sent these pictures to my friend too :-))

Got more stuff on my to do list, and I am off to get more things crossed off!

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  1. I know what you mean about To Do Lists - I have piles of earrings to complete and a tray full of older pieces to remake/revamp. I find I am adding more to my list than I get crossed off. :D

    Your choice of the suede has certainly transformed an overly elegant necklace and made it more casual and everyday friendly. Your color choices are a spot-on perfect match for that fantastic lampwork glass pendant. And by removing the abundance of crystals and just scattering a few here and there you've given the new piece just a touch of sparkle, but not so much that is overly dressy. Good Job. :)


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