Every once in a while, the perfect storm of a quiet house, lots of ideas, and a solid block of time come together and a lot of jewelry gets created.  It also helps that my Mom's birthday is Wednesday :-) Take a look at what I put together...

I wire wrapped similar blue beads that I made, then linked them with jump rings that I added some seed beads to, and finished with a double strand of seed beads.  These are bigger seed beads and are somewhat irregular, which I love...

I used the same method on earrings to go with.  The bead rollers I bought this summer are helping me make matching earring pairs :-)

I put another matched set of beads on chair for swing-y earrings (a go to design for me) but thought they needed something more.  Well, the blue seed beads were still sitting there...

And here is another earring pair made.  This colors has always been a favorite.  The copper disks are hollow so they are not too heavy.  Looking at the picture I notice that I need to tweak the one on the right to be a little straighter.

I am in love with this chain I bought this summer in Austin - and this focal I made seems to bring out the best in it.

Here's a full view - a simple s clasp to finish it.

I finally used some of the leather cording I bought  - I thought it would be a cool way to show off a large hole bead.  The first bead has some of the twisties that I have been making, the second was a bead that was not wring, so I made it into a triangle shape :-).  

And finally here is a wonky hollow bead - but the orange in it matches the glass perfectly, and the cord is nearly exactly the right size so that the bead slides easily but isn't wobbly. 


  1. Great designs though I have to admit that I am having chain envy. That chain is so unique.

  2. I just love that your jewelry includes YOUR OWN beads!!! Loving the leather, especially. And I agree, that chain is awesome!


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