I thought I would share some of the new beads I have been making since the ISGB Gathering.  Still so much to learn and grown and perfect, but all fun to do.

The right one is made with a fun glass color called Caribbean Sea.  The core is a deep transparent green and there is a layer of light turquoise on the outside.  You'll see more beads made with that below.  The middle is turquoise with copper leaf melted in then clear.  I probably melted the copper too much, but I like how it added texture.  The one on the right has some twisty from my ISGB class. 

The two left beads were made with a "tan bag" frit that was in the goodie bag from Olympic Color Rods, one one on the right is dots with a big clear dot melted on top so it looks deep, but they got smeared a bit.

Here's more Caribbean Sea in my attempt to make matching (sized) pairs of beads.

I love beautiful hollow beads, unfortunately, these are not that beautiful.  I think I added way too much glass and then would get blow outs - I tried to repair and then finally gave up on the "Mars" bead.

I love the shape and the shiny-ness of these two.

More Caribbean Sea in the back and an effort to "ruffle" and some left over twisty on the front, that I heated the snot our of, so it smeared and made cool wavy black lines.  I added to black dots on top and like how it came out.

These two are the result of lots of clear over solid.  The blue bead in front looks like it has a really wonky end, but you can see very well the clear over top.

My stripe-y disk is a little wobbly, but not a bad first attempt, and the other barrel bead was one of my best even-shape-good-ends beads :-)

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  1. I think you are doing a FANTASTIC job!!!! Sounds like you are enjoying yourself, too! :)


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