Getting ready for Bead Soup was just the kick in the pants I needed to work on some other projects...

These square beads my husband and daughter put in my stocking at Christmas.  Bone maybe?  They look heavy but aren't too bad.

I love the rustic chain with the square Swarovski crystals.

This pair of feather were made by the amazing Marcie at La Bella Joya.  They are delicate and amazing, so I just added a peridot crystal to the ear wire and let Marcie's incredible work shine.

Isn't that moon pendent amazing?  This necklace belongs to my friend Cindy.  I didn't take a before picture, but if you can imagine the entire necklace of the white stones that's what it looked like, and Cindy found it a bit heavy and clunky.  I showed her two patterns, and she decided she liked it asymmetrical.  I had a bunch of malachite that needed to be used.  It was a win win!

I already posted this picture on Intsgram and Facebook, but I am delighted with how it came out.  The links I bought from The Gatchellville Store at the last Art Bliss, and the clasp is from Lorelei Eurto's Tin Snippets collection.  I decided to use it as a focal instead.

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