This week we are out and about and looking at hands.  

Let me recap my conversation with Michael tonight (it's a well worn path).

Me: So let's go get Nathaniel's birthday gift
M: I'm getting him Legos
M: (upon arriving at store) I brought my wallet, I have $27, I thought after I pick out something for Nathaniel, I could get something with my own money
Me: Okay, why don't you go direct to the Lego section, I'll meet you there (I wander blissfully through the clearance rack, then go find M in about 20 minutes)
Me:  Did you find something for Nathaniel?
M: Yes, and there is a set I want, but it's more than $27.  I have the money in my bank account.
Me: (stalling briefly then mentally shrugging as it's his money, so he should buy what he wants, even if he already has 1,000,000 Legos) Okay.
M: (impressing me with his economy and shopping strategy) Well, I thought about this set, but it's only 300 pieces, and for only $5 more, I can get this set, with 400 pieces.
Me: Okay.
M: (as we pull into the garage) So. (he looks thoughtfully at the Lego set he is clutching)
Me: Are you going to go build?
M: Can I? (his hopeful expression could not be resisted by even the sternest person)
Me: Of course. 

(The set was completely assembled and all it's features were demonstrated to me within the hour)

If you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he says, without hesitation, "a Lego designer."  Lately he's added "or be in the Air Force Band" but the Lego part has been the same for years.  It would be so cool if it happens for him, and who am I to stand in the way of the 1,000,400th Lego purchase :-)

(this is what happens when you think you have the macro lens on your camera, but actually it's the wide angle lens...comically long arms :-))

And she is always nearby, and thankfully does't have an appetite for Legos :-)

See other "handy" photos here - ha ha!


  1. More pictures demonstrating the versatility of HANDS!

  2. I went in the lego store in Glasgow last month... I've never been in a dedicated lego store before... it was awesome... would have loved to buy myself a few sets to build! I still remember getting my first box of lego in the early 60's.....

  3. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! I do miss those days of seeing my boy work on his legos!!!

  4. Me too!! Those hours of creative play are so precious - treasure every moment :) Gorgeous photos!

  5. What a wonderful post. It sounds like Michael is a great negotiator. I can see a terrific future for him in law AND engineering!

  6. His hands were busy and he was having a great time with his new Legos.

  7. Legos are the thing - as long as you don't step on one!

  8. He's obviously having a great time, very concentrated on his building.

  9. Awesome photos!! I kinda miss seeing the legos out all over the place. I hope his dreams come true,...Legoland would be in good 'hands'! ;-)

  10. These are brilliant! My favourite is the 4th one .. I keep going back to look at that one.

    Eileen @ In My Playroom (also doing Focus on Life 2014)

  11. There is nothing better than something created by the hands of a child. Great photos.

  12. I love this post and all the great photos! I have the pleasure of watching my granddaughter build things with her uncle's old legos when she comes to visit.


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