After a busy couple of weeks, we were lucky to have a very low key Saturday, and I got to have a lamp working play date with the lovely Sandi Volpe.  (She's got a new shop - go check it out!) Just getting the chance to talk to someone who is at about my same place in developing as a lamp worker and as a crafty business owner is heaven.  As we chatted and torched I got to play for the first time with extra larger mandrels, and I am head over heels with the results...

I'm always a big fan of dots that become stripes - I used 5 dots instead of 4 and got more consistent results with pin stripes...

I pulled out a bead press I hadn't used yet, and played with some frit Sandi had...

Sandi had some murini to play with too - this side looks okay, but the one on the other side got a little mixed in :-)

To top off our great afternoon, we headed out to the Boots and Bliss reception, one of the wonderful events put on by Cindy and Jeanette of ArtBliss fame.  More great talk with fun creative people, and we all got a goodie bag of antique buttons to take home from the Gatchellville Store.

Of course I bought some Gatchellville treasures to bring home.  Who can resist their initial in rhinestones?


  1. So fun!! You guys definitely have to come down this way for a visit.

  2. Your beads are fantastic, thanks so much for having me over, it was a great day


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