This weekend has kind of blown past me - they tend to be a bit packed but this weekend I ended up also working at my "real" job for quite a bit - luckily all virtually, but seriously, one more telecon and my head is going to explode.  Okay, that is putting it a little strongly (but only by a little bit). (oh stop your whining Elisabeth!!!!)

Anyway...I was going to just post a smile picture next week, but Michael has been obsessed creatively with clay.  He'd really love real clay and a kiln, but we (okay, Mommy) decided to start with air dry clay.  He came upstairs yesterday with something that so totally fit the prompt that I had to share it right away.  I just think it's so cool!

Here's some other great Michael creations.  On the left is supposed to be a truck with a large trumpet strapped on top (Michael's trumpet teacher is moving next week) and I really like the creature on the right.  He used half of a plastic egg for the shell.

So I am thinking of getting him some polymer clay to play with - good or bad idea?  Any other thoughts on clay that's a step up from kids air dry stuff?

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  1. Oh heavens, what a great smile! Love his other creations too.Any of the brands should work fine. Sculpey is not recommended for jewelry, they say it is a 'softer' clay, so maybe try that? Michaels and AC Moore will run sales on them periodically.

  2. Yes to the polymer! He will totally rock it. :)

  3. Super smiley fish?, monster? or what ever, but great imagination. You have a serious creator on your hands. Get him a multipack of polymer so he can have even more fun blending the colors.

  4. That smile totally makes me smile too! You've definitely got an artist on your hands. As far as the clay, I know my nieces LOVE to work with clay and I only really have polymer clay around here. They get a little bored with conditioning it before they can work with it and are often discouraged when it's a bit hard. If you can find a brand/type that doesn't need as much conditioning and is softer, that might be the way to go.


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