I do still make jewelry...  I needed to fix a much loved turquoise necklace - one of the first I made.  I also wanted to do something with the cool wire wrapped chain I bought last month.  I tried a bunch of different focals and settled on a smooth stone of unknown type.  It's a tad too long, but I can't bring myself to cut the chain.  What do you think?

I was on a roll and my Mom was due for a visit, and she had given me a beaded watch for repair, so I got that fixed up quick.  But when I dug it out from my growing pile of repair jobs, I found a broken brooch that my Mom had given me years ago to turn into a pendent, as well as a simple anklet that needed a new clasp. Done! I also made her a new pair of earrings, because girls can't have enough dangly earrings!

Now for the news!  I took a chance and entered my first juried show - a huge step up in booth price - and just found out I got in!  I am so excited (and in a slight panic).


  1. Huge congratulations to you!!!! Your mom is one lucky lady, great pieces.

  2. Fun! Congrats to you Elisabeth. Well deserved and I wish you all the best. Your repaired jewelry is just lovely.
    Have a great week.


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