I bumped into my good friend Leigh at an oh so exciting budget working group and she said she hadn't seen any new jewelry posted lately.  Since she asked, here you go...

I did a small jewelry gig Saturday (part of a luncheon fashion show) and of course the night before I decided I needed MORE TO SHOW.  I had bangles on the brain so made these:

Silver plated copper above and brass below.

This is a thicker gauge copper, so I hammered the ends before finishing the wrapping.  I think I like these best.

Want one?  $10 each including shipping.  Just drop me an e-mail!

Sunday afternoon I got a chance to play with the torch and melting glass :-)

Stripes...always a favorite.  That because my lamp work artist crush Kerry does them SO. WELL.

And I turned a wonky bead into a heart.  Granted black and yellow aren't typical heart colors, but I love this none the less :-)

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