A few years ago, due to house configuration and family gathering logistics, Santa decided to be a little craftier then merely leaving gifts under the tree.  For the "big" gift of the year, Santa left clues requiring a little work and effort on Emma and Michael's part to find their gift hidden somewhere in the house.  Mom and Dad love this tradition because it stretches out the first big surprise of Christmas morning just a little bit, and quite frankly, gives the adults a chance to get a cup of coffee started and our crazy bed hair tamed before we're off to the races.

Santa knows that Emma and Michael are big Amazing Race fans, so last year he designed his gift hunt just like the show.  We sure hope that Santa does the same again this year!  We thought you'd like to see the clues from last year in case you wanted to ask Santa if he could do the same for you.

(p.s. - if you are here for the bead giveaway I will post the winner Monday evening...until then feel free to enter if you haven't already)


(fish tank)

(Emma has a large stuffed giraffe named Ginger)

(the question is in Danish and about Legos - the kids figured this out in about 3 seconds thanks to Google translator - smart cookies)


(under the gingerbread house)


  1. Awesome idea! Bet the kids had fun!

  2. What a cute idea! I may do this with my husband's gifts because the second he sees them he guesses LOL

  3. This is such a cool idea! I'm sure it makes for a very memorable Christmas morning for everyone and a fun new tradition! Great idea to have the coffee made for you first!


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