It's happened to all of find something you love to make that fills you with energy and makes your eyes sparkle when you talk about it, then you make a lot of it, then you decide to sell some of it, and then it sometimes becomes....a job, a chore, a responsibility.  How do you keep it fresh?  Where do you go next? Those are the kinds of questions that stump the best of us.  It was at one of those moments that I cam across this book, The Crafter's Devotional, which I recommended to Patty at My Life Under the Bus, who said, "We should start a blog hop or something."  So we did!  See the first hop is here.

The enthusiasm might have lost steam a bit, so it's time for a creative kick in the pants and do our next blog hop - this Saturday - November 17th.  Whether you own the book or not, you are welcome to join our next round up of "Things we are doing to kick start our creativity."

If you click on the page above, "Crafter's Devotional", you will find all kinds of resources to kick start your creativity. I also started a Crafter's Devotional Pinterest Board, where I have put tons of links to doodle pages and some stunning color palates for inspiration from Design Seeds.

Come back and join us Saturday!

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