The incredible Amy at Copper Diem has put together an awesome blog hop in support of Ears to You. Click on their logo to find out more about this incredible organization that provides earrings to women undergoing chemotherapy.  Combine this blog hop with a need to restock my shop prior to a show and two days off during Frankenstorm Sandy and, well, let's just say I got very carried away...

So here's the run down...which is your favorite?

"Lava" stone, pink lucite, black glass and black copper Parawire (all the wire I use is Parawire....can't get enough of the stuff)

Left: "Stardust sparkle" beads
Right: black glass rounds

Galvanized and rubber washers (from Home Depot - seriously) and silver colored disks.

Left: coiled sea foam green colored copper wire and silver lined seed beads
Right: multicolored "stone" rounds

Czech glass flower rounds in peachy pink and green from my favoirte bead store in Tucson, 
A Bead Carnival, and light copper wire.  

Lucite cat beads with copper lined faceted glass on the left and carnelian on the right, wire wrapped in brass wire.  I like the cat beads but don't they look pissed off?

Left: Wooden cube beads and vintage lucite cube beads wrapped with gun metal colored copper wire.
Right: "lava" flat squares and dark copper seed beads with vintage bronze colored copper wire.

Lucite rounds with dotted glass square beads and gun metal colored copper wire.

Left: Czech glass and square matte seed beads wire wrapped in brass
Right: unknown :-) stone rounds and light blue lucite rounds wrapped in gun metal colored copper wire 

Large blue links from Beadin' Path, yellow links from MyELEMENTS

Enamel beads made by me during the OUTSTANDING Painting with Fire class taught by the 
amazing Barbara Lewis.

Orange links from MyELEMENTS

Czeck glass triangles and crystals.  I love this design but they don't stay level.  But I kind of like it.

Here are the same beads in a simpler design, with the AB finish turned the other way.

Lampwork beads that I think my bead BFF Jen gave me, with Softflex wire in purple and turquoise

Assorted Czech glass, stone and metal leaf bead.  While searching for something I came across a mixed tin of beads that resulted in a bunch of these errings.

Silvery AB finish crystals and "silver" chain.

In that tin of mixed beads I found these two key charms.  On my bead mat were some left over brass jump rights.  I had a ton of the Silvery AB finish crystals.  And then in found a pair of stylized gold ear wires.  Weird mixed bag or awesomeness?  I am still deciding.

Black faceted glass beads, silver-black glass flower beads and black colored copper wire.

Boro glass tear drop beads in purple, teal and stripes with large seed beads.

Minty stone rondells of unknown type wrapped in light copper wire.

"Turquoise" barrel beads with copper cones and wrapped in copper wire.

Red velvet crystals and odd grape shaped pressed glass charm wrapped in copper wire.  I've had the grape beads forever because I've never known what to do with them. Kind of dig them like this.

And these are my a-number-one favorites.  It might be hard to part with these.  Ruffled lampwork fairy flowers from Mermaid Glass, Softflex wire in turquoise, and small red glass rounds.

Phew!  Still with me?  Well there is more!  Check out what these other fine folks have made!

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  1. You.Are.Awesome~ They're all beautiful!

  2. Wowza! That is a whole lotta gorgeous earrings!! Thanks so much for being a part of the hop!!!!

  3. No fair - I cannot pick a favorite! I like that each pair is completely different! You are right though - those "ruffled lampwork fairy flowers" are pretty darn awesome! And washers from Home Depot...who'd have thought! These are all beautiful - and you are a such nice lady to donate such a mass of lovliness to this wonderful cause!

  4. I get the feeling you like making earrings! I like the AB crystal and silver chain earrings as well as the lampwork and softflex ones. You have really embraced the spirit of this challenge :-)

  5. Holy Moly, this is so dang generous of you to donate so many. Very Cool and I love them ALL

  6. Holy Smokes, that's a lot of gorgeous earrings. Can't choose, love them all. The variety will be so appreciated because I think there is a pair for just about everyone.

  7. You're an earring making machine! They're all beautiful and I know the women will be thrilled with them.

  8. Whew! You were Busy!!! And each pair is Beautiful! That last pair with the softflex is so much fun!

  9. Holy cats Batman! you went to town!! Good on you and so generous! I don't even know where to begin you have me speechless. I LOVE the minty stone ... if I'm not mistaken that is African Opal (one of my favs), and seriously LOVE that mermaid glass pair! WOW just too much beady goodness to take in!

  10. Wow! You go girl!!! You're going to make LOTS of brave women smile! ; )

    Love all of them... let's see favorite?? there's something about those double ovals!

  11. I like the flowers with the copper wire coils at the ends the best! You obviously had a great time here!

  12. My you were busy. They are all beautiful and so different. Really looks like you had fun making them.

  13. Wowsers, you really outdid yourself! I feel a lttle like a slacker just doing 3 pairs, lol.

  14. WOWZA! The mother-load of earrings, lol! These are all great. Pick a favorite? That is kinda hard to do, but I'll try. Mmmm...nope can't do it. There's quite a few that I like a lot. The recycled glass ones, the Czech square ones, those ones with the triangles in the rings, those long, dangly silver chains ones(those are right up my ally),Oh those gold ones with the tiny keys! Those are so cute. And that last pair, those are really cool!

  15. Wow! You are so generous and very creative - so many different styles. Really like the stardust sparkle and the last ones.

  16. WOW! Now that's a lot of earring! Great job!!!

    Maria xo

  17. Oh My Gosh Elisabeth!! I LOVE IT!! Totally crazy and so generous!! What a cool variety! Love the photo on your deck! What amazing happiness your earrings will deliver!

    :) Kris

  18. WOW! That's a lot of earrings. So many different styles that it's hard to pic a favorite. I like the coiled colored wire on the jump rings, The softflex ones, and the turquoise with copper best. Great job. I wish I had known about this hop I would have joined it seems like such a worthy cause.

  19. It's amazing your fingers didn't fall off from all that work! lol
    I loooove the key charm earrings and the last pair, great color combo!


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