My desk has not functioned as a desk for months.  It's been messy for so long that I it seemed like too big a job to tackle.

So with a relatively quiet weekend at hand I decided to make it a priority.  This wasn't going to be a neaten up just the top effort.  Of course, going through and organizing the drawers with a goal of making room for all the papers on top of my desk took longer than I thought.  The memories!  I had (HAD) to stop and send a few pictures to friends, like this one:

I went with my BFF Stella, when Emma, the girl almost taller than I am, wasn't even 1 yet, and Michael was a distant spark.  And when the Dixie Chicks were all about fun and not about snarky politics :-)

But I toiled on through Sunday, and finally, this is what it looks like:

This picture is to show you that It's not just pile next to the desk - I straightened up around the desk too:

Phew!  Time to rest :-)


  1. Looks great, I am very impressed! have you seen my last 2 posts? I am trying to muster the energy to get started!

  2. Good for you!!! Everything is in it's place and it looks great! I have only a table to work on so everything gets piled on it. There might be a foot square of table space for me to work in.....maybe, but not always.

  3. Of all the beautiful bead all I can remember is the dog. Great work though. Love this things. Amazing!
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