I was lucky enough to win some awesome leather scraps from Lori at Studio Waterstone.  Scraps is really an understatement - you can see the huge pile of goodies here.  As soon as I saw the turquoise leather I knew I wanted to layer it somehow with the large black flower beads that are part of my lack of getting-it-together-ness for Lorelei's Beadin' Path challenge :-).  In the Beadin' Path collection were also wonderful shank button/half round delios.  I used black colored copper Parawire* to put it together, along with black chain I think I bought at Michaels.  Upon advice from my darling Emma, I added the turquoise glass twist beads to the chain.  I. LOVE. IT.

As I was on a roll, I cut two strips of a delicious, soft black leather that I looped and used my trusty earring card hole punch on the ends.  I pulled out a pair of gorgeous dark latte beads from Juls Beads, and wired them together with titanium colored copper Parawire*.

Last but not least, I cut simple circles from a thinner leather and wired them with brass Parawire* and large gold seed beads.  These didn't come out quite as dramatic as I imagined :-), but they will be fun, light, and a little sparkly for those dress-up-jeans-for-the-parent-teacher-meeting moments.  Thanks again, Lori!  The tangerine suede will be part of my next project!

* I am out of my favorite silver plated copper Parawire, but I have many spools of other colors, so I am trying to use what I have.  It's tougher than I thought :-)


  1. You were on a roll! Love the necklace, LOVE!

  2. These are great. The first pair of earrings are a stunner! Congrats!

  3. Love it! I thought about entering that little contest from Lori but then I thought I would never use the scraps. But you are showing me that I was a fool not to enter! You are making some lovely, tactile things! Keep it up! Enjoy the day. Erin


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