My thoughts and prayers to all those in the north east that got pounded by Hurricane Sandy.  We didn't do so bad - flickering lights, a small leak from our brand new roof, trees intact, and two days off for all of us.  I have a couple events coming up so I used my free time to get cranking on some stuff!

The fund raiser at the winery was before the hurricane arrived - you can see Emma's pictures of all the cuties we saw there here.

The quickfire challenge is being put on by Erin at Treasures Found.  She made a wonderful necklace tutorial for Michael's that we get to play with.  I even won a pile of beady goodness as part of the sign ups....come back on Friday for that.

The earring challenge is being put on by Amy and Copper Diem in support of Ears to You, an organization that provides donated earrings to women undergoing chemo.  I can't wait to share some of the fun new designs I came up with on Saturday...creativity flows much easier when there is literally not a single other distraction (thanks Sandy!)

I admit I went a little crazy with Amy's challenge.  But I WAS ON A ROLL and I also need a ton of new earrings for my next (and last of the year) craft fair at Aldersgate United Methodist Church here in Alexandria.  Their Christmas Marketplace is tons of fun - if you live in the Northern Virginia area, please stop by!


  1. OMG can't wait to see the earrings! I'm so excited for the hop :)

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