...where you don't remember the day of the week until the soccer practice carpool pulls up? Other than the last minute rush to get gear together and make sure Emma got some dinner it really was a pleasant day. I teleworked, took the kids back and forth to sailing camp, the plumber fixed the leak and didn't charge anything and thankfully I had dinner ready to eat. I think it's the combo of summer with during-the-year activities that throws me off.  Anyway - thought I would share a few pictures :-) Hope your summer is GREAT!

14 days until this comes off...

Potential craft project...a venture into Mod Podge

Humor from Michael, he had me take this picture he set up...amazing how timeless Star Wars is

My desk....perhaps this is why I feel disorganized? I just carry my laptop to other rooms and avoid this altogether!

This is the plane Greg got to fly today - Shamu!


  1. I know how you feel! I never know what day it is in the summer...thank goodness my phone tells me! Isn't that pathetic!

  2. All of my days are running together too, the weeks are just flying by! Will be happy for you to have the cast off, that's got to be miserable in the summer. LOVE the droids!


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