Ugh.  However, since I was home from work all day Tuesday so that I could give the plumber a large check (in his defense several leaks are now fixed :-)) my desk looks ever so slightly better than it did in the "before" picture.

One question for you do you store projects that are not yet complete?  Or things waiting for repair/rework?  I lose stuff like that all the time.  And by lose, I mostly mean forget, until I find all the pieces when I clean my desk...Your good ideas would be most welcome!

Find more BTW over on Flickr.


  1. I get those mini prep bowls from target (there is a rubbermaid-type set too with lids) and put each project in the bowl, where they can stare at me from my work bench for the next six months. But at least I can find them that way (now actually working on them, that I dunno)

  2. Mom and I use baking sheets - $1 from the Dollar Store. We put down soft material and just lay the projects out on them. They work especially well for the Bead Soup Party - we lay out the components and when we walk by the trays mom and I will fiddle with the pieces until we get a design we like.

  3. To keep my (many, many) ongoing projects and repairs in place, I use clear zipper pouches. They don't take up a lot of room and travel easily. They sell them before school starts at Target and Office Depot.

    p.s. I am still working to get my studio set up (it sadly has taken me four months and counting). You don't realize how many beads you have until you have to pack and unpack them! Yes, I am addicted to beads. My husband remarked last week that it looks like a bomb went off resulting in a bead explosion! My additional loot from Bead Fest is only adding to the problem, but in a fun way. ;)


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