Scarily and as is becoming usual, we have our summer schedule sketched out, in April...the kids schedule that is.  By the time you throw in Scout camps, sleep away camp with the BFF and one or two other favorites you end up with a complete schedule.  But Mommy wants to have fun too!  So I jet signed up for ARTBLISS!  Yippee!  This is the third year and the third time I will be going...and I am going to learn lamp working from none other than Kerry Bogert!
so.  freakin.  excited.

You should come join me - get the low down here.

But ArtBliss is mooooooonnnnnnths from now, so I decided to take a look at the current catalog from the Workhouse Art Center, which is just south of where I live in Lorton, VA.  It's called "workhouse" because it used to be the DC Jail.  For real.  It's a great place with tons of stuff - from visual arts to performance and everything in between.  Sure enough, they have a 3 hour evening class on hollow beads in May.  PERFECT!

They have all kids of jewelry related classes...check out their course catalog here.


  1. Elisabeth! I'm registered for Kerry's class too!! Can't wait to see you again!!!

    1. Yay! As soon as saw Kerry's class offered I knew I would be all int - plus I always have such fun! I'm thinking about the business class on Sunday but put that in the "wait and see if I can juggle it into the schedule" column for now.


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