I posted Tuesday about how the crazy internet world sometimes converges in a way that is interesting.  See if you can follow this trail...(it ends with beads, just hang in there :-))

I live near Washington DC, the city with the worst traffic in the world, I swear.  To stay sane I started listening to podcasts.  Those tricky iTunes folks always hit the mark with the "You might also like..." suggestions that lead me to Manic Mommies.

The Manic Mommies are two gals, Kristin and Erin, who meet to chat once week with hysterical and often familiar sounding stories about work, kids and husbands. The last few years they have sponsored what they call the Manic Mommies Escape, and this years key note speaker was Mel Robbins.

Wow!  Listen to the podcast, it is inspiring, but in a let's-roll-up-our-sleeves-and-get-it-done kind of a way and not in a find-your-inner-peace way.  I mean inner peace is cool and all, but I am more of a get-it-done-now-where's-the-wine kind of gal.

Mel wrote a book called "Stop Saying Your Fine" which after hearing her speak I downloaded from Audible.com.  I am still listening, but here is the basic premise.  If there is something you want, some change you want to make, some dream you want to pursue, then you need to write it down or say it out loud.  And when you do it must meet three criteria...

1.  It must be embarrassing
2.  It must be selfish
3.  It must be detailed

So here is mine:  I want to be a full time lamp work bead artist by 2015.

Embarrassing:  Hello, artist? Never had that duty title before
Selfish: Um, how to accomplish this while finishing up a full time job and taking care of the family
Detailed: 2015, there, I put a date on it

If you want inspiration check out this podcast where the Manic Mommies asked guests at the Escape what there goals/dreams were.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Well - if anyone can do it, you can! I'll be rooting for you. I would love to do the same thing (only wire/metal/bead artist), but I don't think I can replace my current income, benefits and retirement -- let alone pay off my student loans anytime soon. But maybe I can work hard and retire sooner, before switching careers? I will have to check out those podcasts. Go girl, go! :)

  2. If anyone can, it is you. I think it is awesome that you put it out there for the universe to deliver. It will.! Rock on, or is it torch on! :)

  3. That's the big time!!! Go for it!

  4. My husband used to listen to pod casts when he was commuting on the beltway daily. It was the only way for him to stay sane in the traffic nightmare that is the D.C. beltway. We are from upstate New York, where life does not move as fast! Even after living here for six years, we still think traffic and the drivers are crazy!
    I love the "three criteria" goals and think it is great that you are making plans to become a full time artist! Life is much too short to not follow our dreams! Best wishes to you. You have lots of support from the beading community as you make your way!.......Oh, and I am with you on the wine aspect ;)

  5. Wow! This sounds like something I could really use. I'll listen to the podcast! Just reading what you've written here, gets me inspired again! Thanks so much for sharing this, Elisabeth! Best wishes fulfilling YOUR dreams! Same to you, Heidi!

    (I'm taking this year to "figure out what I want to be when I grow up!" Actually, the goal is to decide on a type of jewelry component I can learn to make, then begin to learn the skills necessary. You all are a step ahead of me!)

  6. I believe you can accomplish whatever you set your head and heart to. You'll be there in 3 years, for sure!


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