This is the time of year, when we get the Christmas stuff put away, I tend to go on a clutter cleaning rampage.


We used to move about every 2 years, so clutter was less of a problem.  It's easy to ignore what's under your bathroom sink until you unpack it from a moving box into an empty house :-).  I keep threatening to remove all horizontal surfaces from the house to keep clutter from happening but it would find it's way into our house someway somehow.  It's just life, kids, school, work, etc etc, I tell myself as I secretly throw away half a year's school work and weed out the pencils with unusable erasers and toss the heels of bread that no one will use for lunch but someone has returned to the bread box.

One very important point though - there is no such thing as clutter on a bead table - that's not clutter - it's a "work in progress."  Besides, if it's all in containers it doesn't count as clutter :-)

So why am I babbling on like a nut? Because I stayed up way too late last night (and got my husband sucked into) decluttering our laundry room.  The laundry room is large as far as most laundry rooms go, because it also has all the house machinery and came with lots of shelving - it's the only spot to store stuff that's not the garage.  It gets destroyed in December because it's where we store most of the Christmas decorations, plus it is the designated hiding spot/present wrapping area.  And as I said here, I have designs on claiming a small portion of the room to make lamp work beads.  Lucky for you I didn't take a true "before" picture - but this should give you an idea of how packed with stuff it gets...

We straightened up, got rid of some things (and an entire book case) so I could claim part of the shelving me when I say I haven't seen this much of the laundry room floor in ages...

My plan is to add a desk top to the top shelf, possibly hinged so it can get folded away.  The door next to the shelf is to the outside, so I thought I would put tanks outside plus can leave it cracked open for ventilation.  My as-yet-un-ordered kiln could go on bricks on the floor under the bottom shelf, plus tools, rods and other supplies can get stashed on the shelves.  I am tingly with possibilities!


  1. Yay!!! That is so exciting! Great start to the New Year!

  2. I love creating new space! Good Luck and have fun.

  3. I know what you mean about the moving issue! My mom and aunts used to refer to "Spring Cleaning." I said that's what I do each year when I move! But now that I've been in the same house for 18 years, things do build up a bit more! Your area is looking good!!! --Sharyl


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