In the rush, rush of getting ready for Christmas I left one undone project - I needed to complete a necklace for Snap, who won it as part of the Virtual Craft Fair giveaways.  I dashed off a quick e-mail saying that it would have to happen sometime in January and she graciously gave me all the time in the world.  Who knew that in the many hours of small talk around the dining room table I could get it done - it was a life saver really.  It kept my hands out of the Christmas cookies (kinda), it passed the time, and it gave us a whole new topic to discuss.  Beads....they really solve all, do they not?  I am waiting for Snap's address and will mail this off to her.  Her necklace is pictured with an awesome bead I won from Sea of Glass which was also part of the Virtual Craft Fair giveaway, and a necklace I started of random beads that came packaged together in a lovely box of treasures from my sister-in-law Cynthia.  No two match, but they are all such fun colors, I decided they needed to stay together in the same necklace.

I owe a giveaway - will do that tomorrow night - then might be quiet a few days - big fun family event on Friday (so you know there will be pictures) - and also want to post an idea to makeing Santa's visit more fun for older kids (is it to early to talk about next year?).   Oh, and I found a cool new way to make backgrounds on Colour Lovers.  More on that soon!

I hope your first week of 2012 is great!


  1. Cool colors! Happy New Year! Would you like to be on the receving end of a giveaway? Come check out my New Year giveaway.


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