A snowy footstep?

Nope - just an unfortunate flour incident.  Amazing how big a mess you can make with a couple cups of flour.  So appreciating the vacuum right now :-)

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  1. What an interesting shot! It's the unusual things that keep us looking! Great job!

  2. i second!

    have a great Sunday!


  3. Elisabeth, that shot fooled me! Although children can make a large mess when cooking it is still fun to have them cooking with you.

  4. LOL - it is amazing how far a CUP of flour can go!!! It's like glitter for baking lol

  5. Love this. . .I had a similar accident with Lasagna before. It was almost impossible to clean up. We found bits of lasagna for weeks!!
    I'm glad you were able to get it up! Neat shot though.

  6. Heee, been there, done that, only without a vacuum! Not fun ;)

  7. wonderful macro and great shot of flour mess. love it. i remember those days. thank you, kareninkenai (i heart macro)

  8. Hey! I have the same oven! I just wish my floors were that clean. I love your blog!


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