Thanks to all who have left lovely comments on my Bead Soup (pssst...there is a giveaway!).  
Go here to see what I made.  
Go here to see what my partner Jennifer did.  
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This morning I convinced myself I was crazy to do the craft fair (that I have already signed up for) October 16th. Since I signed up for CREST Falling for Handmade we've gotten the soccer schedule (Emma has two games that weekend) and the Scout schedule (Webeloree campout for Michael that weekend). Huh. But my awesome husband said I should go for it, and we'll figure out how to make it work. Yep, he's pretty awesome that way. So while the boy's were at thier Den meeting tonight I enlisted the help of Emma (and Layla) to put together an earring display that's been kicking around in my mind that needed some action.

Old door to our kitchen, hardware removed.

Shelf brackets - only decorative because they were bought for a long ago project and not used after all.

Paper, ink, stamps (on sale at Hobby Lobby!), world's coolest earring card punch...the paper we used was okay, but something thicker would be better.

Almost there....

...ahhhhhh, much better.

And here is a look at my "help."


  1. That's a great display. I just wanted to browse it myself! Good luck with the craft show!

  2. what a cool idea for a creative you are....

  3. Love the display - such a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Good luck at the craft show!!

  4. Good Luck! I love the display and the help! :)

  5. So clever! Love it and the crew that helped out! You did a fantastic job. I am preparing for the arts festival in Annapolis this weekend, so I too have been working on displays and creating jewelry. I also have an amazing husband who will be helping me!

  6. Great idea for old doors. I am working on a necklace display in my head, but with so many other things on the go right now it may not go anywhere else.
    Thanks for sharing and good luck with your sale!

  7. Great display - love the 'help'! :)

  8. That is a fabulous idea! I used to work in a gift shop that rented spaces to crafters and one of the jewelry booths used one of these. I thought it was the best idea of all the jewelers.


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