Wow - my bead table has reached a new level of messiness.  It has layers of mess now. And by mess I mean unfinished projects and half started ideas. Sigh. Let's just call them potential pieces of pure genius.  There are a couple treasures on the top (that gray rectangle is my laptop case - it's become a fill in bead mat).  I got my first purchase of Humblebeads in the mail today - a bunch of Heather's beautiful sea urchin beads.  There is also a stunning necklace by my friend Marice at La Balla Joya.  She's taking a break from selling her treasures to concentrate on other things.  She still has her tutorials in her Etsy shop - if beadweaving is your gig check them out.

But on the right hand side of the "bead mat" is something that I actually finished!  Inspired by the August Art Bead Scene Challenge....

I made this...

I made it at the very last minute!  The wheels of the bicycle in the inspiration picture is what caught my eye, as well as the beautiful mustard yellow.  I made the dog tag charm in Barbara Lewis' Painting with Fire class.  The handmade lampwork donut I got in a holiday bead swap with Linda of Bella Bead Jewelry.  The czech glass beads and yellow seed beads are from my stash.  The seed beads are real live seeds - my girlfriend Stella brought them to me from South America.


  1. I'm so glad you're okay! I didn't hear from you immediately after the hurricane and I was hoping Irene didn't sweep you away!
    Thanks for the shout out and by the way, I love your ABS piece! Gorgeous!

  2. Hey, your space looks so much like mine it's not funny! I love that necklace too...gorgeous and sumptious! :)

  3. I love your space! Such great pieces and creativity.

  4. Sometimes we can be the most creative when working in a messy space with everything spread out in front of us dontchathink? I love what came out of it, that is a great interpretation of the ABS for this month.

  5. Ohhhh! Gorgeous! Love the ABS piece :) And believe me, my space is just as bad LOL


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