I am noticing that my blog posts this summer are either Macro Sunday or Bead Table Wednesday or pictures from summer adventures and not much of a beading nature.  Thanks for hanging with me everyone!

I am so not complaining about the fun summer adventures but between that, dueling summer camps (Greg has been the heroic car pool leader lately), and my day job, there hasn't been that much time left over.  Whew!  Once school starts it will all calm down (cling to that hope girlfriend!).  There has been time to shop for new toys though, and a couple arrived today.  Glue to fix my aunt's earrings (thanks for the great suggestions everyone), a dapping tool, some copper blanks, and the most expensive hand tool I have ever bought - double flush cutters.  Laura over at Souvenirs from Life raved about them and they are awesome - any piece of wire left on my bead table has now been snipped to pieces.  (I got this pair at Rio Grande)

There are many fun bead things on the horizon...Bead Soup, ArtBliss, Falling for Handmade and the annual holiday market at the church in our neighborhood.  And of course, we are squeezing one, last, cling-to-the-summer-to-the-bitter-end mini-break into the schedule end of next week.  Come back this very Saturday for a fun shadow box challenge that Lorelei is hosting and I got to play in (actually have my piece done - yay me!).  

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  1. So glad you were able to pick up those flush cutters and especially glad you like them! have fun


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