July already - yeesh - we are in the second half of the year and half the time I still write 2010 down on checks.  Been a crazy few weeks for the Aulds - take our normal crazy, and multiply by pi or something - but we've had some great visits and seen some great places.  July is our slow down month - that is, once Emma is back from camp and Michael spends some time with his Lego BFFs while Greg and I complete separate business trips this week.  Layla is starting to wonder if she's going to live from now on in an empty house where random people show up to feed her (and not often enough, she would say).  I wouldn't trade it for all the world though - especially when I find notes like this on my computer:

What do those earrings look like?  Did I get a picture? Nope.  But they were a pair of Juls Beads from this set with a clear blue tear drop dangle.  You can see some other Juls goodness, as well as my most recent bead swap treasures, a Floridity work in progress, and a watch I made ages ago for my Mom that needs restringing on my table now. Someday soon friends, I will be back to play :-)  

See other BTW goodness on Flickr here.


  1. Man, those beads look lonely! you know the colors will fade if you don't play with them, right? :)

  2. Oh, man, I am coveting those lampwork, solid colors on the left side of the photo. I love them -- all those colors, clear & vibrant. Lovely!

  3. At least you won't have to worry about what to do! Looks like it's full of beady goodness!


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