A bit messy these days...

But Painting with Fire beads are waiting for some love....I'm thinking multi-strand.  I'm contemplating seed beads strung inside the beads as well...too crazy?

I love how this one came together, I've worn it tons already.  Looks substantial but light as a feather.  I became obsessed with the dark gray enamel called "elan" during my Painting with Fire class - can you tell?

Stay cool the rest of the week :-)  You can find all the rest BTW goodness on Flickr.


  1. Aren't you loving all these new fonts in blogger?! It's probably not healthy but I could look at letters all day.
    Off to work!

  2. I have a feeling if I keep reading your blog, and Jen V.'s, I'm gonna end up with a Painting with Fire kit! Those are stunning! Love the necklace.


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