Is it just me - or do the dark green leaves in this bush make the shape of a heart?  It sits in front of a quaint church in Old Town Alexandria that I drive by like every morning.  For whatever reason, on one particular morning last week, I looked up when stopped at this intersection and saw it.  Is this something put in my path to get my attention about something?

This is what happens when your oxygen runs out mid bead.  The picture doesn't show well enough it's goofy, wangly shape.  This bead is made with two types of opaque green glass but ended up with distinctive brown stripes.  A reaction of the two glasses to each other or caused by (unknowingly) over gassing it?  (is that a term?) Lamp workers, help!

Before my oxygen ran out, I was working on these for one of this month's Margie and Me challenges, a palette inspired by a GORGEOUS painting called Flaming June.  I've posted it below.  The beads are much more amberish/orangish in person - in this picture they look darker red.  My husband likes the one in the middle best, I like the one on the bottom best.  Hard to see in the pictures but the colors are swirled like the folds of the dress.  Or that's at least what I was going for.  Which do you like?  NOTE:  when using your metal table top as a marver because you haven't bought one yet, I now know you must refrain from setting your arm down in the exact same spot a few minutes later - ouch!

 (Have a GREAT Monday!)


  1. Wow! Gorgeous! I'm so glad that the challenge picture sparked your imagination. Your beads are looking great and it looks like you're learning through the mistakes. Trial and Error...a girl's best friend. ;)

  2. Yes the green in the bush looks like a heart! Isn't that funny. An inspiration for a bead???

  3. Life is so interesting...JUST when you need it the most it sends you a great sign...defin love in that bush.. I love the green bead the one were you ran out of air..LOL.. heehee my husband says that will never happen to me!...I like it because it is different!
    Have a great MONDAY!
    Take care,


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