If you've been reading along lately, you know that I have recently been gifted (by the world's best husband) lamp working equipment.  When I saw this picture, one of the two inspiration pieces for this month's Margie and Me (hosted by the wonderful Marcie), it reminded me so, so much of swirls of glass.  I had fun trying to get the swirls going!

When I sat down to put the necklace together, I had in mind something tasseled.  It seems to fit the dress and I had success trying something tasseled before.  (By the way, have you ever tried to spell tasseled? Spell check is struggling :-))  On my bead table is the bowl of beads I made taking Barbara Lewis' Painting With Fire class, and there were a couple that worked perfectly for what I had in mind:

Hop on over to Marcie's blog, La Bella Joya, to check out the other entries!


  1. This is lovely, Elisabeth. Your lampworking is awesome. Never know you're a beginner! Love the beads, too! Very pretty necklace!

  2. Beautiful bead (and necklace!), very reminiscent of your inspiration piece.

  3. Oh, Oh, Oh! (Jumping up and down yelling) That is so awesome!!! I think you need to do a giveaway with it....to me! :) Fantastic piece. You really make me want to think about Barbara's enameling. But I just can't see my hubs agreeing to me using...fire. Of any kind. :)


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