Here are two things I have recently purchased and am totally digging!  First is new shoes from Keen - can there be a better pick-me-up than new shoes?

I got a compliment from a fellow room mom this morning on them - a very stylish put together woman - which made my day!

The other thing I am digging is this unique journal from Paper Source:

Every page is a day of the year (April 1st, 20__) - you put in the actual year of your first entry and then begin a perpetual 5 year journal.  There literally is room for only one line.  What I have noticed is that I focus on the best "thing" of the day - I don't want to waste my line with anything negative.  Besides, "DC traffic sucks" will get old after 1,825 entires.  

I have always loved the idea of journals - but other than e-mails and Christmas letters - I am not so good at keeping it up.  I also love looking back through the family calendar in December and thinking about all the events of the year.  But our family calendar has gone paperless also - it really is a lifesaver to have a "live" calendar on all computers and phones - so this new journal will be a new way to look back every few months.  Plus the pages are edged in gold and the paper is rich, so it feels luxurious.  It might just need a fancy pants fountain pen :-)

Have a great weekend.  I have a Margie and Me started for Saturday - let's hope I get a few moments to finish it up!


  1. I love the shoes. I wants to get a pair!

  2. Thanks for making my wallet $70 lighter! Those shoes are too cute!


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