I need a resolution for the spring.  I am sure if I dig way back in the blog posts there is something in early January about how I was going to do all kinds of things.  I hope I am still plugging away in the right direction, but seriously, I need to stop buying and browsing, turn off my computer more, and just get down to making some stuff.  'Cause I am starting to get a bit too much waiting-to-be-made-into-something stuff.  I can't help myself sometimes!  Check out the deliciousness I brought home from Bead Fest Wire below.  The beads in the front right are the results of my Painting with Fire class.  On the left are some colorful rubber rings from My Elements.  Hidden in the back are some really incredible stone focals from Dakota Stone.  And if you could see the gorgeous hollow lamp work glass bead I bought from Louise Mehaffey of The Glass Place you would swoon.  Swoon!  (you can see similar at her blog here.) So it's time to get busy I say to myself.  Time to show off these treasures in something wearable.  And I am writing it down here so you all can hold me to it!  Have a great last half of the week!


  1. I am ready to come over, open it all up and play! Oh, the possibilities! :)

  2. I've been saying the same thing to myself. But here I am blog reading, not jewelry making. Again. Still. Love your loot! Love reading about it too!


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