This is the school spirit themed bracelet I made for the upcoming auction.  I like it, but it needs something more.  Maybe some tiny pearls and crystals on the small chain?  I want to walk the line between "spirit wear" and something you could wear even when you are not at a school event.

It's going to be a GREAT day today - I am taking the day off to get some stuff done at home.  Really it's a mental health day.  It already feels awesome 'cause I got to sleep an hour longer and it was a mellow morning since I was taking the kids straight to school rather than rush off to before-care.  Sounds like it is a soggy day nearly everywhere today - stay home in your PJs and enjoy it like me! 


  1. I love the pearls idea. If you wanted to put them on a ring themselves, and then a spring clasp, they could be taken on and off as the girls mood strike.
    Lovely bracelet!

  2. Does your school have more that one color? A pop of a contrasting color might be fun.


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