Sadly, nothing has changed on my bead table.  Nada. Naaaaaadaaaa.  The Auld family schedule plus our work schedules have been off the charts lately.  Plus, and I know you all would say this, you bead best when the perfect mix of time, music, light, ideas and colors are working together for you.  It's one case when being on the hobby side of a bead business is a good deadlines!

But I gotta tell ya - now matter how long the day - opening the mailbox and seeing one of those delicious padded envelopes just makes it all go away.  Today it was totally unexpected...did I order something that I forgot about? A peek at the return address and I quickly realized that this was the Pay It Forward that Courtney was sending me.  Out of the package tumbled a beautiful note and the most wonderful red and silver necklace I ever laid eyes on.  It fits me perfectly - not just in a size way - but in a totally "Elisabeth" way.  I wore it right away, and will probably wear it tomorrow too.  Usually I would throw on sweats to do the post-work, Michael-to-choir, Emma-to-soccer craziness that is our usual Wednesday, but not tonight.  Instead I'll be the station wagon conductor with the coolest necklace ever :-)

P.S. Come back's my turn to Pay It Forward!
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  1. Thank you! :) Just glad it makes you smile.

  2. What a gorgeous necklace! Congratulations on receiving it :) Red and silver is such a classic combination, it totally rocks...

  3. I know what you mean by seeing any padded goodie in the mail. I perk up each time!


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