I seem to be channeling my high school prom play list these days : - )

We are headed out for some time off - just the four of us - and I can't wait.  While ideally I would leave all electronics at home, we are far too gadgety a family to make that happen.  I would either end up looking at the back of everyone else's gadget or I would guarantee a multi-hour layover somewhere on our journey.

So I am taking along my lap top to work on some pictures - I haven't updated my Etsy shop in FOREVER - but will probably be a bit thin on the blog posts for the next week.  It depends on what I get done in the next 48 hours (I am writing this on Wednesday night. Side note: I LOVE scheduled posts. You don't really think I am awake and blogging at 6 AM do you?)

To do list:  pack, put roof box thingy on car to carry all of our stuff to the airport, get Emma to basketball and soccer practices, help Michael get his Valentine's done so we can turn them in on Friday, have pizza Friday night with my saintly pal Kathleen and her boys (very important as they will take our dog Layla home with them for the week), I bet there is some laundry that needs to be done, stop the papers, stop the mail, print out boarding passes, technically Greg and I have to work on Thursday and Friday, and last but not least, get to the Thursday open torch night at Workhouse Art.  The good news?  Our flight is so early on Saturday morning that the kids have already gotten the Krispy Kreme drive thru added in to the drive to the airport.  The other good news?  This will likely be some of what's in store...

Happiest of happy Valentine's Days, have a great week, catch up with you soon!


  1. Have a great trip! I agree it's hard not to be hooked to the gadgets while your on vacation, what in the world did we do back in the good ole days?

  2. Wow, that looks like total fun. We do expect to see new pics when you return. Have a great time!

  3. Enjoy your time and your family! Looks like you will be having the greatest Valentine's Day ever! :)

  4. Have a lovely time, looking forward to reading all about it when you get back!



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