Ah...Wednesday.  Only two more days until the weekend.  Yep, I am greedy that way :-).  I've been on a bit of a bead bender lately.  I should feel bad about this, but just can't.  Instead I am super excited to see where the new beads take me.  On the right are the beads I brought home from our ski trip.  The necklace is what I put together for this month's Margie and Me.   On the left is some bits and pieces that I got at a bead store that is like 5 minutes from my house - and I just found it! (more on that soon) and in the back you can see some treasures from Mermaid Glass.  Told you I was on a bender!  Check out other BTW entires in the Flickr group here.


  1. Awesome stuff Elisabeth! I would love to have even a 6 in square of space that isn't covered on my table. Looks like a great work in progress. Enjoy the day!

  2. I could totally dive in and swim in that pool of beads! And I so love your Margie and Me piece.
    Happy Beading!

  3. Love your beady goodies and specially like your interpretation of the Margie and Me photo. Great colors. See you Saturday.


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