Thanks to all for entering my end of year contest and thanks especially for all the wonderful wishes for the New Year.  My able assistant and I tried something a little different to choose a winner.

First we cut out all of the names...

Then we folded them up and assigned random numbers...

Then we let the dice roll!

The winner was numero uno!

Who is....

Christine of Sweet Girl Design

She's got some great recipes posted for the holidays - you should go check them out.  Christine - let me know where to send your treasure.


  1. Congrats Christine! That was an awesome random drawing! Your able assistant is cute too!

  2. Elisabeth, I agree...I like how you did your drawing and your assistant was quite helpful! :-) Congrats to Christine!
    Happy New Year to you, Elisabeth! I hope to see you soon in 2011.

  3. Yay! Thanks, Elisabeth!! I emailed you my info - I can't wait to get working w/the great beads you chose!


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