First, a brief update:  Day two of my lampwork class was awsomely awesome (times 100). I don't have any beads to show you 'cause we left them all in the kiln.  I should be able to pick them up mid week.  We started with a review, and then we got to play all day, with Lisa making helpful corrections or us asking questions.  The Glasshouse at Workhouse Art Center has torch nights on Thursdays for a mere $10 an hour, and if you buy 10 hours it's only $80.  And they have a student supply store next door to the torch room.  Guess you'll know where to find me on the next few Thursday nights.  It couldn't be a better situation - a chance to practice lampworking with an expert on site before making the leap into some serious equipment investment.  Maybe if I get good enough I can convince the family that we really don't need a guest room, instead we need a lampworking studio :-)

In other great weekend news, I received Lori's e-mail with the name of my Bead Soup Blog Party partner...the lovely Linda!  She has a wonderful blog, Linda's Bead Blog and Meanderings, you should check it out.  She also posted an entry in this month's Art Bead Scene Challenge that was really quite cool:

To get ready for the wonderfulness that is the Bead Soup Blog Party you should do some homework and check out all the folks that are playing along.  There are so many great folks taking part - already I have found some awesome new blogs - but it will take me a couple runs at it to make it through the entire list.  Find the whole she-bang on Lori's blog here.


  1. Thanks for the link and pic! I'm really looking forward to doing the Bead Soup Party together! Yay!

  2. Oooooooooh the two of you are so talented that this will be fun to see what you create!

  3. Awesome it looks like a good match!

  4. I'm soooooo jealous! A Lampworking Class!!! Curt will be home in a couple of weeks, so that means I'll be spending more time up in D.C., so I want some torch time!!

  5. Isn't that the coolest thing about the Bead Soup party? Getting to see all the wonderful blogs of folks like you! So jealous of your lampwork class. Guess I'll have to start selling stuff before I can convince hubby to invest in those kind of classes. :)
    Happy Beading!


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