I came up with an easy earring wire solution, and decided to challenge myself to write it up as a brief tutorial.  The pictures aren't intended to be followed exactly - I am right handed so had to hold the camera in my right hand and hold my pliers with my left, but hopefully, you will get the idea.  First, some background...

I bought a dress for Christmas Eve and made jewelry to go with it (naturally) however I didn't have earring wires that worked, and didn't have wire in the right shade to make my own.  I zipped into a local bead store assuming that they would have exactly what I was looking for, and you know what happens when you think that : - ).  Dang.  I definitely didn't have time to order something, and not wearing the ensemble was not an option.  But my eyes caught these head pins that were the right shade - maybe I could use the wire part to make the earring wires I needed.  The head pins I bought were about 2 3/4 inches long:

First I used round nosed pliers to make a small "U" right above the end of the head pin.

Then I used wrap and tap pliers (although a pen or pencil will work just as well) to make a larger "U" to shape the fish hook style ear wire.  You could also make it rounder for a french style ear wire - ooh la la!

Next I hammered the large "U" lightly on both sides to work harden it.  The head pin was made of thinner wire than I would normally use for earring wires, so this step is important.

Clip off the end at whatever length you prefer.

I usually "flare" the end of my earring wires, and hammer it a little also.  Once you add your dangle, pinch the small "U" to secure the dangle.

And this is how they came out.  I've worn them a couple times and they are very comfortable and hold the dangle no problem.

So critique time...could you follow my instructions?  Do you need more specific details?  Do the pictures help or hamper?  Thanks!


  1. This is great! You created a fabulous first tutorial - the first of many, right??? I love this idea.

  2. Your instructions were perfect. I was able to follow very easily. Sounds like you have another calling.......

  3. Actually--this is great since I have several of these headpins myself in my stash! What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. that is great! i'll have to try making them

  5. Hey! What a cool idea! I never thought about using a fancy headpin as an ear wire! Awesome!!! Made my day!


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