...'cause I got beads for Christmas!  Take a gander....

My Mom happened upon a sale at my favorite Tucson bead shop - A Bead Circus - and my sister-in-law Cynthia had more in her Shanghai stash than she let on this summer :-).

I have to share one other present.  My husband wanted to try and digitize some of the zillions of slides that we have inherited from my Mom's Dad and my own Dad.  But there are truly zillions, so he wasn't sure how to tackle it.  In his rooting around the many tubs of slides, he came across 6 reels of film, and one was marked "Elisabeth's Homecoming."  He sent them off to be digitized, and then presented copies to everyone in my family.  Along with all the raw footage was a 50 minute "highlights reel" that he had set to music with titles.  It was footage of my parents when they were first married in California, their trip across the country to Charleston, the day I came home from the hospital as a new born, and some of our time living in Iceland and visiting the Canary Islands when I was about 2.  The fashions were a hoot.  But oh to see my Mom's parents, my Dad's Mom, and my Dad - it was a treasure.

Christmas is winding down and I am looking forward to some peaceful down time between now and New Years.  The Margie and Me Throwdown will be posted across the blogosphere on Thursday - keep a look out for it!  I will be paying forward some of my beading largess on Thursday, too :-)


  1. HOW fabulous! Something to treasure forever!!

    I too was a lucky girl.....had a bag full of beads from mum....to extend the "fashion range" of hello gorgeous! ;o)

    Can't wait to see your creations! :o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. You are a lucky girl! The beads and the family footage are about the best gifts you could receive! Your family did you right this Christmas for sure!!

  3. That is truly lovely :)

    I was lucky enough to get a beady stash for Christmas from my dear hubby - it was such fun opening all the little parcels!


  4. My husband is doing all sorts of research into his family's history (http://www.facebook.com/?ref=mb&sk=messages#!/home.php?sk=group_151429911570982) and posting it on FB. He has photos from Africa where his grandparents were missionaries in the 20s and 30s. But a video... I wish we had a video, too. That would be really wonderful. Kent's project has gotten him in touch w/ long-lost cousins which is wonderful!

    So happy your husband did this for you. He sounds like a wonderfully sensitive guy to even think of it!!

    And your beads! WOW. To die for! Lucky you.

    Happy New Year, Elisabeth!


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