My brother was born on New Year's Eve - and he married a wonderful woman who was born on December 23rd.  And their first born, Amelia, was born on December 22nd.  Their second daughter was born in....ha ha...June actually.  Good thing, 'cause I don't think there were many more "free" days in December.

Cynthia is from Shanghai, and when she went home to visit her family last summer she returned with treasures for me - beads!  Lovely crystals in what I call a "fat rondelle" shape.  I pulled out all the pale purple ones and put them with deep red ones I already had for a necklace I was making in September for Margie and Me.  The inspiration was a slipper orchid.

As the necklace was coming together I knew it had to become Cynthia's.  I decided to finish it with a silk ribbon so that Cynthia could adjust it to suit. 

The original earrings I decided were too big for Cynthia, so I made a pair without dangles.  A win-win of course as the longer dangly ones look great on my ears :-)  I hope Cynthia likes her birthday presents.

Amelia is turning 6, so she's still a little young for jewelry, but soon, soon, soon she will be ready for some of my treasures!


  1. Your brother and his family have one busy month this month!!! A whole lot of celebrating all around. I know your SIL will love her is beautiful, especially with the addition of the ribbon.

  2. Oh my gosh, that necklace is just gorgeous!


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