In the military, we call a day off for the entire unit that is not associated with a holiday a "down day."  I am not sure where the term originates from, but earlier this week I decided I needed a "down day" of my own and took Friday off.  The goal was to wrap gifts and get some cooking done, maaaaybe think about ordering Christmas cards.  I got the gifts organized (a.k.a. retrieved them from hiding places around the house) and I did a big part of the cooking for the get together at our house tonight (schnitzel and kartoffelsalat - yum!), but then I noticed that the sun was actually out so I could take some pictures, and then I decided to finish trimming a necklace I had made as a gift, and then I thought I would take a couple minutes to get a couple "quick things" done in the jewelry department, and next thing I new it was after 5 and I needed to go pick up the kids.  Oh well.  Between you and me, though, it was the best afternoon spent my myself in AGES. 

One thing I did was to make a necklace for my Christmas Eve outfit.  We dress up Christmas Eve at our house, go to evening service at our church, and then have a feast.  A few months ago I made this necklace and thought it would be cool to wear for Christmas Eve:

I found this dress online at Title Nine that fits perfectly....

But on closer inspection, and in person, you will see that it's dark brown, not black.  Nothing a quick trip to Michael's can't solve for me, right?

There was just enough chain to make a simple bracelet.  I just need to get some bronze/dark copper earring wires to finish the earrings, but other than that I am set.  I love the oversize springring clasp (the necklace has one too).  It came in a package of several colors and sizes from the Industrial Chic line at Michael's.


  1. Beautiful, love your Christmas outfit and the necklace. A very Merry and Holy Christmas to you and your family. I think I will incoporate some 'down days' into my life in 2011. Year end gets hectic at my job at the bank, so looking forwward to a down day of my own.

  2. Ah, perfect! I do love "down time", especially by my self. While it may not have accomplished all that you needed, but it was good for you. Love the dress, love, love the necklace. Enjoy.

  3. I'm ex-military, I Loooooved down days! But I HATED IG Inspections -- have one of those recently? We always used to get those RIGHT around the holidays or something else important. Sigh.


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