You know me and challenges - can't ignore 'em.  Plus, I am so list oriented that I don't feel like I can break my multi-month string of entries in the Art Bead Scene Blog monthly challenges.  But I saw this month's inspiration piece and thought, "No way!  Too hard!"  However, I underestimated the power of my brain wanderings during long meetings and long commutes.  Seriously.  A colleague mentioned how quiet I was during a meeting (a meeting where someone said, no joke, "we represent the laser community") and I laughed knowing that mid-laser discussion I had been figuring out a piece that would suit this months inspiration - drama medallions from Radio City Music Hall:

During my day dreaming I remembered the cape thing as orange, and my idea was to use an Alisha White glass disk, so I decided that I wouldn't take the inspiration literally.  Then I decided that I liked the disk off set a little, and it became a lot less literal.  Emma, my muse, helped by throwing down the term surreal, "You know Mom, non-representative art."  (Note to self, send appreciation note to elementary school art teacher who taught 10 year olds the term "surreal").  As I played with the wire wrapping, I needed to add a second layer to help with the structure, and Emma declared it as adding to the surrealism.  (Love that girl in a big way!)

The links for the chain I learned in Deryn Mentock's class, she calls them spring links, and I made mine random lengths.  I used a relatively small gauge wire so the necklace is very light to wear.  They kind of look like the springs you find inside a ball point pen which I am digging.  I had a few left over so I make these two pairs of earrings:

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  1. That is a really awesome design! I love that the center bead is off a bit. That adds some great visual interest. And those springs! Wow! (I just cheat and use the ones from the hardware store!)
    Enjoy the day!


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