First off, thanks to all who left comments on my Remembrance post!  It was so, so, so wonderful!

Secondly, I've been burning the candle at both ends so am taking a mini blog vacation.  Plus this weekend is a Cub Scout camp out and it would be totally dorky to take a laptop (taking wire, pliers, and some beads, however, is not dorky, EVER).   I have about 4 half-finished bead projects and with all of the rain can't get very good pictures, so maybe it's time to take a step back for a couple days and reattack (in an airy fairy crafty way :-)) after the camp out.  Have I mentioned it's been raining a lot?  I am thinking lots of mud will be involved in our adventure.  Have a great weekend everyone, and enjoy these pix from the summer!


  1. Well, you deserve at least one comment on this post...

    I agree - there will no doubt be mud in our tent tomorrow night... and you deserve a well-earned break from the blogs. I love you.

    Oh, and that was really a nice post yesterday about your Dad. I miss him too.

    - G

  2. I am always in favor of blogging vacas. We need them from time to time.

    I'm contacting you about your offer! I'll take it and send you a little something in return. Do you have my address?


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