Okay, confession time.  I already was a Facebook addict before getting into blogging.  Thanks to my techie husband, I have a way cool new smart phone, so am checking the blogs I follow and Facebook with my phone constantly.  Yes, I am one of those people! 

However, Facebook has been a great way to keep in touch with my far flung Air Force buddies, find old school friends and share pictures with family. 

So...why am I telling you this?  Because as I wildly fan the flames of my craft-turned-side-business-hopefully-someday-"full time"-business, I want to make it separate from my personal Facebook account.  Are some of my personal friends also Beads for Busy Gals fans?   You bet - (and I mean you, Sarah)!  I also thought it might be another avenue for folks to follow my blog without having a Google identity or RSS subscription.  My templates are Happy Mango Beads, Waterstone and Real Simple magazine - both use Facebook quite a bit and I have been very impressed.

Bottom line, and what I am inarticulately trying to say is, please hit the like button on the right, and see what you think.  If you are a regular reader of my blog you won't find any new content, but posting links is step one, and we'll see how it goes.



  1. I don't facebook for personal reasons so I can't check it out but I hope it works great for you and hope you still keep blogging!


  2. I have recently turned into one of "those" people too with my Droid. I always said I wouldn't (and I do try to keep it under control...there's nothing worse than lookiing around and seeing everyone with their face down - even at their kid's recitals!) But it is SO handy to have.
    I clicked on your "Like" link....I hope it worked! I have to admit I am no FB expert. :-)


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