After action report, hot wash, post-mortem, lessons learned  - whatever the term you use it's important I think to reflect on events that are important to you and see how you can do it better next time.  In this case, I am talking about my participation in the St Luke's Craft Fair in Alexandria, VA.

(a quick picture taken with my phone)

Things that went well:
1.  I like my table lay out - using lamp shades to help display catches people's attention.
2.  I have an antique mirror (you can just see the edge of it on the right) which also gets attention.
3.  Greg cut PVC pipe to make my table higher, which I thought was cool.  Next step is a fitted table cover.
4.  I made these cards to hand out and they went like hot cakes - I made about 50 and ran out.

(Props to Juls of Julsbeads for the awesome focal that makes my necklace pop!) 

Things that were less successful:
1.  I probably could have made 1 or 2 more sales if I accepted credit cards.  But  my sales are not even close to justifying it.
2.  Having all of my inventory available online was a plus, except for some of the older customers who were less tech savvy.
3.  $150 sales minus $60 show fee minus $19 lunch (for all 4 of us, so not a bad deal) minus $8 marshmallow shooter (Michael) minus $8 cute key ring (Emma) = not much profit, but I am hoping all of those cards will garner future sales. 
4.  Our new canopy is green, and my husband sagely bought the straight leg variety, but I was in a shaded area, so it was a little dark under the tent.  Seems silly to buy an all-white one, but if I get into doing more craft fairs it probably is a worthwhile investment.

One question for all my blog can see how I had my table set up.  A lot of the other jewelry vendors have more of a u-shaped, step-into-my-shop set up.  Anyone have opinions one way or another?

Second question...a lot of the other vendors were very nice, but many stopped by, glared closely at my stuff, and then left without even making eye contact.  One even peaked behind my table (at what, I am not sure).  Is this usual behavior?  I am too chicken to stray far from my area :-)

As always, your electronic good thoughts and support are much appreciated! 


  1. Well congrats to you, Elisabeth! What an eye-catching and professional display you had! I'm very impressed with your shop banner as well...all so polished. I've only done a few craft shows myself, and none of the big juried kind. I do know what you're taking about with people coming up to scrutinize but not making any eye contact. Strange. Wish I had some words of wisdom for you, but I just don't have a lot of show experience. I'd like to learn too though!

  2. I have no show exp. to offer but I liked the look of your setup!

  3. I am going to sell at my first Craft show in November, so I completely understand your questions. I really liked the lampshade idea. As a visitor to lots of shows I tend to like the U shape better.


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